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Hello! Welcome to my website- and also (under construction)

I'm a musician and artist based in Liverpool, UK. I've had a good and varied life working with many wonderful people and some not so wonderful ones too!

I enjoy solving complex, sometimes impossible problems and coming up with solutions. 

About Me.

Currently working at Pagoda Arts & NML


I am working with Pagoda Arts Centre and Chinese Youth Orchestra, Liverpool to celebrate its 40th Anniversary against a back drop of adversity and uncertainty about its future.


I'm working (part time) for National Museums Liverpool on a wonderful mobile museum project called House Of Memories, taking history, the arts & culture into the community. Working with marginalised, vulnerable groups and people with dementia.


Twenty years ago I created the Liverpool Blitz Sound Archive documenting the stories of people who lived through the Blitz in Liverpool. I began to present a series of events and exhibitions at the famous "bombed out church" St Luke's, Liverpool to celebrate and publicise the Sound Archive. The events were so successful and well received by the public that I was asked by Liverpool City Council to take on the running and operation of the ruined church opening it up to visitors and bringing it back to life through the arts... and sheer hard work! My tenure there went from strength to strength, I thought that it would be my life from then on, but then dark forces entered the scene which made it impossible for me to continue, the rest is history!

I started a band (as you do) with an old school friend the late B F Tin, we called ourselves Urban Strawberry Lunch. We created musical instruments and sound sculptures from ordinary every day objects after a fire in our rehearsal room destroyed all of our conventional musical instruments. We performed all around the world, drumming up a storm, literally! We also held music workshops and taught tens of thousands of people how to make music with little or no resources- The band broke up in 2014 


1981-1985 +

Pink Industry/Zulu Records. I formed the  band with Jayne Casey as an electronic duo, it was in the heyday of independent record labels, so we set up our own. In a very short space of time we released 3 albums and several singles, we also released a compilation of other bands and musicians including Frankie Goes To Hollywood, their first ever release. I also took the opportunity to release my solo album "The Worlds Greatest Hits" assassinations of political figures set to my music, the London Evening Standard called it "sick" ... thanks for that! Pink Industry still perform live occasionally just for fun. and is the website for Ambrose Reynolds

This website is still under construction

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